Suri Cruise Getting $13.5 Million Dollar House

Oh so that’s how it’s gonna be? We find out that Katie Holmes spent $30,000 on Christmas gifts for Suri so now Tom Cruise has to go one-up his ex-wife and buy Suri a $13.5 million HOUSE (not a playhouse, a HOUSE) for Christmas?!?!
Tom is trying so hard to be the fun parent, that it’s not even funny.
Tom has purchased the home out in Upstate New York so that Suri can have a place to keep her pony (yeah, I forgot she had one of those) and all the toys that wont fit at her mom’s Manhattan apartment.
“Tom is determined to make this the best Christmas ever,” a source told Grazia magazine.
Tom wants the new home to be where he and Suri will live when it’s his turn to take Suri for the weekend, because last I checked he still didn’t have a NY home since the divorce.
“Obviously there isn't anywhere to keep a pony at Katie's apartment, so this place is ideal. It also has space for her toys, many of which have been in storage since Katie quit their LA mansion,” adds the source.
Suri has so many toys that their old home is being used as a toy and pony storage unit. #RichPeopleProblems
This comes hot off the news that Katie Holmes just bought Suri a Victorian style playhouse with running water and a child’s version of a Mercedes. So yeah, Suri’s gonna need all that space in the new house.
UPDATED: Tom's reps confirmed to Hollyscoop that there is no truth to the rumor--sorry everyone, Tom's not moving to NYC with Suri's Pony.

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