Britney Spears Surprises Us With Hot Bikini Body

Beneath all those sweatpants and food stained flowy tanks, Britney Spears has been hiding a hot body. We would be lying if we said we weren’t surprised.
Since Britney’s only known food source is KFC and meatballs and the only exercise we’ve ever seen her do lately is tanning, we had no idea she was so jacked!

Britney stripped down to a bandeau bathing suit in Malibu yesterday with her new boyfriend Dave “normal” Lucado. She must really like him and wants to show her basic beau Dave what dating a pop star is like, so she slimmed down to Britney circa the MTV VMAs at the turn of the millennium.

We’re having serious déjà-vu of snakes worn as scarves and skimpy nude colored bodysuits.
Another thing we learned besides the fact that Brit has a totally buff body is that she still has a belly button ring. Specifically a dangling crystal sparkler, like the kind you would buy at a mall kiosk if you were 13 and secretly pierced your own navel.
And just as we were starting to think Britney Spears was slowly trekking back to her prime, she changed back into a grubby T-shirt like the kind we’re used to seeing her wear while puffing on a cigarette. Typical Brit.

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