Jenny McCarthy On Playboy: I Grew Out A Bush...

Jenny McCarthy’s brain mechanism has officially short-circuited…

The “Love in the Wild” host has let her mouth run again. When speaking about her upcoming photo spread in Playboy, McCarthy revealed that’s she’s letting it all hang out… Including her pubic mane.

“I mean I grew out a bush so nobody sees anything," she said, during an interview on Today.

Along with the untrimmed shrubbery, McCarthy - a veteran to the men’s mag - went on to explain her reasoning behind stripping down yet again. Turns out, like her ability to be discrete, her physical composition is in a frail state.

"I figured [I'd do it] one more time before everything really falls apart. Why not?” she said, adding, “and [my son] Evan's tuition was really expensive this year."

WHAT?! Seriously, Jenny? Have you no regard for jerks like me who can and will use every ounce of your verbiage against you in the form of reputation-damaging exploitation?
Let’s not even go there!

Jenny recently told Kathie Lee Gifford that she was on the verge of true love with Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher.

She also recently dragged previous lover Jim Carrey through the mud on an interview with Howard Stern for ignoring her son who the comedian isn’t even the father of.

Carrey came back with a sound-minded statement: “I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of Evan’s well being. It’s unfortunate that Evan’s privacy is not being considered. I love Evan very much and will miss him always.”

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny… quit before you’re even farther behind. It’s cool that you love your blossoming bush, and want to groundlessly trash your ex… Just do it in the privacy of your own home and time and keep it out of the headlines.
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