Here we are. We've come to this. The last resort because nothing else is working. Hoping that Justin Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette's prayers for her son to get through his breakdown will be answered.

"Of course I pray for him and I encourage him," his mother told E! News in response to the potential battery charges raised against her son. "I can't really speak to how he handles that part of his life."

It's hard to keep up, but Justin's been kicking and screaming his shirtless way through a string of negative press lately. The most recent of which is reportedly spitting at his neighbor and threatening to kill him after he was asked to quit driving so recklessly around the neighborhood.

The gospel according to Justin is that he's just a 19-year-old kid, livin' his life, brushing off the h8rs like the little boy with a big bodyguard on his payroll that he is.
Needless to say we're still concerned for his safety. The closest person who we thought could send the Biebz a text chastising his behavior was his mother Pattie, except not even she can get through to him. She's not even in the loop.

"Sometimes, I learn about things on the Internet the same as everybody else and that was the case this time," Pattie admits.

You know who else just "learns about things on the Internet the same as everybody else" regarding their kids? Rihanna's mom and you best believe she gave her an earful when she saw her Instagram feed. Maybe it's time for Pattie to do the same. Dial up Justin and give him a piece of her mind while she's waiting on God to return her voicemail
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