Mr. Pink Paying Lindsay’s Lawyer Fees

If you, like us, were wondering how Lindsay Lohan was paying her legal fees, because last we checked she was broke, living in a friend's NYC penthouse rent-free, and needed hand-outs from Charlie Sheen to pay her taxes, we finally found out how Lindsay can afford her lawyer, Mark Heller.
Wellness ginseng drink, Mr. Pink is paying Mark Heller as long as Lindsay pimps out the drink constantly.
Lindsay’s dad Michael Lohan, AKA a gossip blogger's best friend, told Hollyscoop, “I found out that the reason Lindsay kept Heller on is because Mr. Pink pays Mark Heller to represent her, while arranging to use her court case to endorse Mr. Pink. Lindsay got paid and Mark Heller got paid too.”
Haven’t you noticed how every story regarding Lindsay annoyingly emphasizes the fact that she flew into court on Monday via “a private jet chartered by Mr. Pink.”
Also, Lindsay has been tagging Mr. Pink on Twitter more often than normal.

“Thanks Mr. Pink for the private jet, see you all in a few hours in LA @drinkmrpink,” she tweeted.
And also, “Guys relax, that was NOT me at A/V or in the @mrpink SUV. I’m taking this seriously and focused on the road ahead.”
But Michael thinks Lindsay is being taken advantage of, or so he claims, “She hired Heller because she got paid to be represented, while having all her expenses paid for.”
Michael claims that Heller told Lindsay she had the option of house arrest, but that was never actually a plea deal offered to her, they just told her that so Lindsay wouldn’t fire him.
It’s all very confusing and this is Lohan family drama we’re talking about, so it’s generally only 98% true most of the time.
Naturally, we wanted to double-check, so we reached out to Mr. Pink’s camp, who told us none of this is true. Well that answers that.
However, Lindsay does LOVE talking about Mr. Pink drinks even though they deny they’re paying her legal fees.
What do you think Hollyscoopers?
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