5 Things Taylor Swift Could Do During 'New Girl' Cameo

Taylor Swift is making her return to acting by doing a guest-starring appearance on the season finale of Fox’s “New Girl.” "New Girl" is the Zooey Deschanel show, FYI.
All we know about her role is that the character is named Elaine and she will play an “important guest” at Cece’s wedding.
Since that’s all they are giving us, we took the liberty of coming up with several options for Taylor’s character to do on the show.
1)   They re-cut the intro credits to the show with Taylor singing the theme song alongside Zooey Deschanel. “Who’s that girl? It’s Jess! AND TAY!”
2)   Taylor crashes the wedding just like she did with Conor Kennedy over the summer at that Kennedy wedding, but by doing so, it actually interrupts the whole wedding giving Schmidt a chance to reveal his true feelings for Cece and then in the commotion, Cece runs off with Schmidt.

3)   She plays Schmidt’s date to the wedding, who Schmidt uses to make Cece jealous, but Cece thinks it's childish and snubs Schmidt for the final time.
4)   She play’s Cece’s new husband’s ex-girlfriend who crashes the wedding and tries to stop the nuptials. Actually, this one might be true, according to E! News.

5)   She plays a wedding singer who only plays breakup songs about exes that she only dates for a few weeks, but is apparently passionate enough about to pen an entire song and then she hits on every single guy at the party and goes home with Ed Sheeran
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