Ashley Greene’s Neighbors Want Her Out of Apt Complex

Last week we reported that Twilight star, Ashley Greene’s apartment went up in flames and one of her dogs died in the process, which is super sad. Let’s just put that out there, that it totally sucks that this happened to her. But what’s worse…her fellow tenants don’t want her to move back when the apartment is repaired!
Multiple sources in Ashley’s apartment complex told TMZ that she was the worst neighbor.
Apparently Ashley had round-the-clock visitors, coming and going at all hours of the night like a revolving door.
Her downstairs neighbor said she always had people coming and going in the middle of the night for some reason. There’s got to be a vampire joke in here somewhere…
They also said she didn’t know how to control her dogs, who barked incessantly and kept the neighbors up at night.
However, she always paid on time and her landlord is welcoming her back once the unit is fixed up.

Also, the source of the fire was reportedly an unattended candle that caught a couch on fire in Ashley’s apartment complex.
Unattended candles! Midnight visitors! Barking dogs! Ashley Greene is the worst! Is she though? Or are her neighbors being high-maintenance and Hollywood about it?
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