Kristen Stewart Plays With Robert Pattinson's Balls

Hey perverts, here’s your daily dose of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart sightings to sustain you until the next time they are spotted walking to a Los Feliz bar or buying cigarettes or whatever BS hipster stuff they're up to.
Fresh off their date to that bar, and then that liquor store, this Twilight twosome has finally decided to class things up and went to a golf range to hit some balls around. We’re sure Taylor Lautner is jealous.
Some wannabe singer-type who works at a golf course in Los Feliz where Rob and Kristen live, tweeted that the famous couple came to the golf course.
“Kristen Stewart and Rob Patterson just came to my golf course at our ‘super twilight’ time…What does this mean?!?” he tweeted.

Of course he spelled “Patterson” wrong. It’s Pattinson, not Patterson dummy! Also, we think he was trying to make a joke about the “super twilight time” but it wasn’t funny, so we’re ignoring it.
Anyways, another source at the golf shop told E! News that Kristen “walked into the pro shop around 4pm and [bought] a bucket of balls.”
How many times can we say “balls” before this gets weird? #NoHetero
Oh also, because all you Twihards really only care if Rob and Kristen are still happily in love, the source added “after they retrieved their balls, Kristen gave Rob a little kiss and then they headed towards the course. They looked like they were really enjoying themselves.”
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