Kristen Stewart Hangs Out With Lindsay Lohan

Here’s a sentence we NEVER wanted to write... Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson hung out with Lindsay Lohan and it was fun.
Uhhh, what?
Apparently Lindsay and Kristen have a mutual pal who introduced them and the girls bonded over their hatred for the paparazzi. Coooool.
Lindsay went over to Kristen’s house and it was a jolly good gabfest, apparently. Oh, Rob was there too.
“Lindsay and Kristen discussed their careers, creative ideas and how they deal with living under the focus of the media and the paparazzi,” a source told the New York Post.
The source adds that they have a lot in common. Really? Because last we checked Kristen’s career is AWESOME and Lindsay doesn’t have one.
Lindsay: I just had fake sex with Charlie Sheen for an episode of his crappy sitcom “Anger Management” because he’s the only person willing to hire me because apparently you can’t repay tax debt with sexual favors, so yeah. What are you up to?
Kristen: Oh, you know, just waiting for my final “Twilight” payout before I go and star in the sequel to the blockbuster, “Snow White & The Huntsman.”

Maybe Lindsay thought associating with Hollywood’s biggest stars would rub off.
They probably also talked about their love of hipster culture as Lindsay is reportedly trying to push her rehab stint back so she can go to Coachella this year. Apparently going to the desert to do shrooms and listen to indie bands is the most important thing in Lindsay’s life right now and she insisted she could absolutely NOT miss Coachella for something as silly as court ordered rehab.
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