Kelly Osbourne Channels Ozzy With Spooky New Hair

In case there was ever any doubt, Kelly Osbourne is definitely related to her dad Ozzy Osbourne. Her latest sartorial choice—longer, gloomier hair—proves it.

The "Fashion Police" star stepped out looking like a walking paternity test corroborating their genetic ties. With new grungy hair extensions parted down the middle, a pair of round glasses, and a sedated slack jaw, she was the spitting image of her rocker father.

If she were chewing on the bloody wings of a bat, the two would be indistinguishable.
Kelly has had a rough couple weeks—scuffles with the paparazzi and falling victim to the (as Ozzy calls them) "old dizzy whizzies abaablahmumblesomething."

Spotted in the streets of Amsterdam, she appears to be bouncing back from all that, however. She's returning to her fashion critiquing duties at E!, not hosting séances in a Polish graveyard as her new locks might lead you to believe. She signed a few autographs. She's experimenting with her look again, another true indicator of a pulse.
But after this latest hairdo we can only hope it means she'll also be starting an all-girl cover band called Purple Sabbath immediately.

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