Video: Lindsay Lohan’s “Anger Management” Bloopers


For the first time, in ever, we have Lindsay Lohan news that is both a) good and b) funny.

Just days after playing Charlie Sheen’s love interest on “Anger Management,” the TV show crew has already cut together a blooper reel and we can’t believe we’re saying this, but Lindsay is pretty funny and actually quite charming.
There were conflicting reports about her behavior onset. Some sources said she was an absolute delight onset but other sources said by day two she was back to her typical entitled behavior, like stalling in her trailer for hours and holding up the rest of the cast and crew.
However, if you watch this video, she’s got great comedic timing and, dare we say it, reminds us of her Mean Girls days. Also, her face and hair look less puffy and druggy than usual? Is that a thing?
However, something needs to be done about her voice. It is sounding like a cat who chain-smoked most for most of it’s life. Not okay.
Watch the blooper reel below.

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