Justin Bieber Grabs Young Fan's Tata's

Justin Bieber must be taking the Selena Gomez break-up real bad, because he’s resorted to grabbing fan’s boobs.
At a meet-and-greet in Miami, Bieber took a photo with one (probably underage) fan and in the photo he’s just casually groping her breast.
This is not an accidental shirt-brush; Bieber’s pretty much grabbing her ta-ta while kissing her cheek. The girl doesn’t even look that happy about it. This is probably the most action she’s ever gotten and it’s coming from Bieber himself, yet the girl has an awkward smile plastered onto her face because today’s the day she realizes her hero is a pervert.
The photo was posted to his fan site BieberFever.com, but has since been removed, probably because it was so racy.
Bieber’s falling apart. He just told Billboard magazine that he isn’t in “the happiest place” right now.
He was also accused of “assault with a deadly weapon” because a Canadian security guard has filed a police report that he attacked her...with a Nerf gun.
And he’s been accused of verbally assaulting a radio host while in a gym in North Carolina and spitting Gatorade into her water.
Geez, is it “accuse Bieber of weird things” month? Give the kid a break. Let him grope his female fans in peace!
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