Coco Apologizes for Naughty Photos With Another Man

Ice loves Coco. But does Ice still love Coco when she playing "tell Santa what you want for Christmas" on a different O.G.’s lap?
Coco-T—the woman famous for her curvy figure and bubbly personality—has gotten in some hot water with her hubby Ice-T after posting pics cozying up rapper AP-9 while partying in Las Vegas.
The 33-year-old babe posted the pictures on Instagram under her “@CocosWorld” Twitter account.
Looking through the photos published on Urban Daily—which have since been taken down from Coco's account—she is seen modeling some provocative poses with Mr. AP-9: He kisses her ear, she kisses his cheek, she sits on his lap, he hugs and feels her up from behind…
In other words, Coco was a bad, bad girl.
Understandably, Ice was upset about what the shots seemed to suggest was going on when the cameras weren’t snapping and he reportedly went on a jealous Twitter rant. (No evidence of the his social media rage is currently still posted.)

Coco has since apologized for the photos. On Saturday, she tweeted: “Ice is right, the pics I took with this man were in poor taste & I disrespected my husband however the pics were the only thing that happened.”
Ice-T and Coco have had some infidelity rumor woes in the past, but you’d never know it watching their reality show “Ice Loves Coco” on E!, which portrays a couple that practically can’t take their eyes off each other.
Things have seemed to have smoothed over for the adorable pair, though, as Coco tweeted on Monday that her and Ice are hanging out on the “Law And Order” set together.
Fun fact: AP-9 is an Oakland-based rapper and member of the Gagnsta rap group Mob Figaz. It’s also the name of a generally outlawed semi-automatic pistol manufactured by AA Arms. Take that one to your trivia night!

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