Sorry Justin Bieber, but Selena Gomez LOVES her life without you.
Selena and her bestie Vanessa Hudgens went on “Chelsea Lately” to talk about boys, boys, boys. We think they were promoting Spring Breakers, but the conversation was mostly like, “Omg boys, omg dancing, omg my shoes, boys, shoes, dancing, boys, boys, Spring Breakers was really fun.”
Chelsea told Selena, “I happen to know your dating history and I know you’re single now. Are you enjoying it?”

To which Selena responded, “I really am!”
It was a very sincere and very enthusiastic “I really am!”
Let’s think this through for a moment, Selena started dating Justin when she was 18. She’s still only 20, so she has time for at least a good decade of sloppy single behavior and obviously Chelsea agrees.
“Enjoy this, girl,” Chelsea told her, “You’re 20-years-old. You’ve got a lot of men ahead of you!”
As for Vanessa (because she was there too. Poor baby V, everyone always forgets about her) Chelsea asked if she was single. She is not, she’s dating Austin Butler who is on “The Carrie Diaries” and Chelsea was all like, “Well, when you’re single again, have a blast!”
Don’t worry Chelsea, her BF is like 12 or something, it won’t last.

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