Amanda VS Rihanna: RATCHET BRACKET – DAY 4

To quote the greatest rapper ever Tyga: “Where the ratchets at? Tell me where the ratchets at?”
Well, Tyga, they are here at Hollyscoop (#HSRatchetBracket) and their names are Amanda Bynes and Rihanna.
It’s Day 4 of our Ratchet Bracket. Rita Ora is the reigning champ while she waits to find out who she has to take down in the Amanda Bynes vs. Rihanna battle.
Instead of describing to you all the ratchety stuff Amanda and Rihanna are up to (Amanda: asking Drake to commit murder on her vagina and Rihanna dating a felon) we give you photographic evidence of the ratchetness, because a picture is worth a thousand words.
Amanda Bynes

1)   Amanda dressing like an incarcerated smurf.

2)   Amanda not even bothering to open her eyes.

3)   Amanda rocking frosted lips, that same busted beanie, those horrendous cheek piercings, and a furry hoodie which is what ratchets wear even when it’s hot out.

4)   Amanda trying out a new wig (ratchet), the default Trapstar beanie, camouflage, cocaine nails, and a MAC compact which is the ratchet makeup choice for girls who can afford more than Wet N Wild.

1)   She’s wearing two pairs of jeans, her hands are in her pants, her socks say “f*ck” and she’s wearing Timberlands with purple lipstick. Oh she’s also wearing a freaking fur hoodie! It’s not even cold out!

2)   A half-top, those same double denim jeans and her usual “don’t give a f*ck” attitude. Oh, she is the leader of the ratchets with this look.

3)   We don’t even know where to start with this photo. Eyes not even open all the way, marijuana smoke floating out of the frame, and gold jewelry. Ratchets love some gold chains.

4)   Oh look, Rihanna’s got a Trapstar hat too AND a baseball jersey? Sports paraphernalia will send you to the top of the ratchet list immediately.
And the winner is…DRUM ROLL PLZ…Rihanna!
Did you really think the newly minted ratchet would stand a chance against queen of all, Rihanna?
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