Beyoncé Takes Blue Ivy Out to Lunch

It was another rare sighting of the rumored Blue Ivy this weekend.

The one-year-old made a sleepy-eyed appearance when Beyoncé stepped out for lunch with her pride and joy.
New Yorkers swarmed around with excitement, while Blue Ivy slept soundly in her mother's arms confirming what we had always expected: being rocked to sleep by Beyoncé results in the most peaceful and serene nap you will ever have.

As the two left the Buttermilk Channel restaurant, paparazzi got a snapshot of Bey and Blue exiting the joint.

In an all black hoodie and sunglasses, Beyoncé flashes a smile as she carries Blue Ivy to their getaway SUV. We actually want to give a congratulatory handshake to whichever paparazzo was able to get this shot of the two. It's practically standard operating procedure for all public citizens to bow down to the singer in public and this dexterous photog was able to seemingly do that and still get the image. Talk about mad skills.
Another perk from this snapshot? We now know where we'll be dining every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until Beyoncé shows up again for any of the three. We're making the reservations now. Who wants to join us?
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