It’s only day 3 of the Hollyscoop ratchet bracket #HSRatchetBracket and already our Google search history is filled entirely with searches for “sizzurp,” “trapstar beanies” and “What is Fine A$$ Girls clothing?”
Yesterday Rita Ora beat out Kate Upton as most ratchet, it was kind of a no-brainer, so today she goes head-to-head with Miley Cyrus who beat out Vanessa Hudgens during Day 1 of the tournament.
Miley Cyrus is pretty ratchet for a former Disney kid. She can twerk, obviously, but what else qualifies her for the ratchet bracket? This striped jumpsuit, for starters. A ratchet loves a jumpsuit. In response to her twerking video, she got Twitter love from some of the biggest ratchets in the game like: Meek Mill, Amber Rose, and French Montana. Oh, she was also in a Lil Kim video recently. Lil Kim is arguably mother hen of the ratchets and didn’t make our ratchet bracket only because we have imposed a strict age cap.
Rita Ora may be a lesser-known celeb, she’s HUGE in the UK (we swear), but she’s like, professionally ratchet. We’re not even going to describe her ratchet resume, just look at these photos for proof of ratchetness.

These pictures don’t lie. Did Rita really pair a beanie with tube socks!? Oh, she is beyond!
RITA ORA is this round's Ratchet Winner!
Tomorrow Amanda Bynes faces off against Rihanna before we finally reveal the Queen B of the ratchets
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