KKTM’ Finale: Kim Kardashian Tells Kourtney & Khloe She’s Pregnant

During the season finale of ‘Kourtney & Kim Take Miami,’ Kim calls Kourtney with horrible stomach pains, and begs to be driven to the hospital. On the way to the emergency room, Kim finally tells Kourtney that she’s having Kanye West’s baby!

 Kim Kardashian can’t keep it a secret anymore! During the April 7 episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami finale, Kim breaks down and tells Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian that she’s got a bun in the oven. 

Kim Tells Kourtney & Khloe She’s Pregnant

Kourtney kicks Kim out for hiring a private investigator to follow Scott Disick. But one night while she’s living with Jonathan Cheban, Kim calls Kourtney and begs her to drive her to the hospital. In the car, Kim tells Kourtney that she’s pregnant and having horrible stomach pains.
Kourtney then forgives Kim for creeping on Scott and then they talk about how to break the news to Khloe! Kourtney lets Kim come back to the house and that’s when they sit down and tell Khloe. Kim was so worried to talk to Khloe, but she couldn’t have been happier! Khloe was genuinely thrilled for Kim and said that she always wants “good things” to happen to her.

10 Biggest Moments From The Finale

1. Kourtney kicks Kim out of their house for hiring a private investigator.
2. Kim moves in with Jonathan Cheban.
3. Kim begs Kourtney to rush her to the emergency room and then admits she’s pregnant.
4. Kim is terrified to tell Khloe she’s pregnant but it goes smoothly.
5. Scott is over-the-moon when Kim tells him she’s pregnant.
6. Kim says she wanted to be divorced before she got pregnant.
7. Kim and Scott get into a huge fight over her hiring a private investigator to follow him.
8. Kourtney looks for a new DASH location in Miami.
9. Kim heads to NYC to visit Kanye West.
10. Kim ends the finale by saying she’s excited for “new beginnings.”
WATCH: Kim Tells Kourtney She’s Pregnant On ‘Kourtney & Kim Take Miami’
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