Jennifer Lawrence's Bra Auctions for How Much?!

For a short period of time, People with Questionable Purchasing Practices had a chance to take home a piece of Oscar gold.

Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence's clothing from Silver Linings Playbook was up for auction, including a sports bra that fetched a surprising $3,175!

It wasn't even all that special, really—just your run-of-the-rack Spandex-made apparel from the Gap. The kind of activewear you might find in an empty dryer at your local laundromat because someone was in a rush and forgot to snatch it. Or what some people like to call: a collectible.

Other super regular pieces that received whopping final bids included a blank tank top for $624, a pair of vanilla-colored pants for $3,493, and a brown wool coat for $4,652. The main selling point being that they were at one point on Jennifer Lawrence's bod for a good 2–14 hours. Supposedly if you scrape up pieces of movie memorabilia now they'll increase with value over time...or at least that's what the new owners are telling their friends at their super awkward dinner parties.

To ensure the items' legitimacy, the items came with a Certificate of Authenticity. They also include copies of an Unofficial Certificate of Valid Creepiness that I'm making in MS Paint right now and will be sure to mail directly to the buyers' residences.
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