Snooki: How I Lost the Baby Weight

The never-ending story of Snooki's new post-baby body is full of laughs, drama, and some surprising reveals. The 42-pound weight loss is practically a reality spin-off television show in the making, or at the very least a fitness/nutrition book called "From Snooki to Skinny."

The "Jersey Shore" star made a quick stop at "Today" this morning to plant her teeny-weeny body opposite Matt Lauer. The topic: how she got so damn teeny-weeny.

The first major life change was cutting out alcohol almost entirely. "It's hard to drink while taking care of a baby, so I don't drink at all, really," she says. "And when I do drink, I get drunk off of like three sips, so it's actually good…I knew I couldn't party anymore because now I'm a parent…so the partying's done, basically."
Not peeing in sidewalk planters and punching sorority girls saves you 1300 calories a day. Noted.

Turns out a bulk of the 40+ pounds gained while pregnant with Lorenzo was also just pumped right out of her, naturally."The first 20 [pounds] came [off] from just breastfeeding, so that was awesome," Snooki explains.
"But then I had to wait until I could work out, which was six weeks, and then I just went straight to the gym. I work with a trainer, one of my good friends Anthony, so he basically just kicked my butt into shape and he gave me these express meals which [don't] have a lot of calories."

Now that she's shed all the physical baby baggage, is she ready to pack it all on again for Baby #2?

"‪Well, I still have to get married, but I already want another baby," Snooki tells Hollyscoop. "We're waiting for our house to get built. It'll take probably a year or two, and then get married, and then have a baby right away."‬
At least we know she's prone to bouncing back like the pint-sized ball of energy that she is.

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