Selena Gomez Creeped Out By James Franco

James Franco is a lot of things… Charming, goofy, high. But Selena Gomez is here to tell you that, above all else, the actor is straight up creepy.
The topic came up during Selena’s interview on “The Late Show With David Letterman." In between dissing Bieber and being her sweet and snappy self, the actress lifted the cloak on her gold-grilled Spring Breakers co-star.
“He stayed in character the whole time and luckily for me, my character was creeped out by him, because I genuinely was at first," she said.

Anyone familiar with Spring Breakers, which at this point during the advertising mega-campaign is pretty much everyone, will note that Franco’s character, Alien, is pretty creepy looking to begin with.
Going into further detail, Gomez opened up about working with Franco on-set.
“We shot the movie for four weeks, then he came in and walked on set as his character and freaked me out,” she added. “That's who I knew, until we started doing press and I realized he's one of the most intelligent people I've ever met.”
Spring Breakers opens in theaters this Friday.
In other news, James Franco creepy? No...
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