VIDEO: Queen B*tch Elizabeth Hurley Tells Reporter To “F*ck Off”

Elizabeth Hurley, AKA Hugh Grant’s former girlfriend, has just out b*tched herself.
The woman who once called non-famous people “exhausting” just cussed out a reporter for, uhhmmm, doing their job.
Liz Hurley and her cricket player fiancé Shane Warne were walking through an Australian airport when a local TV reporter tried to get Shane to talk about the match he played the previous day.
The reporter wasn’t asking any offensive TMZ style questions and she was trailed by a legit TV camera crew, but for whatever reason, Shane wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with this reporter and completely ignored her.
So then Liz runs over to the reporter with her luggage and snaps at the girl, “It’s rude to stand in front of people.”
Ok, so that’s strike one, but then the reporter obviously doesn’t take the hint and asks Liz what she thought about the cricket match yesterday and Hurley turns to the girl and reportedly tells her to “F*ck Off.”
You can’t totally hear her cussing out the chick in the video, but thanks to the power of the Internet, the reporter tweeted shortly after the incident took place, “Being pushed by Liz Hurley and then told to f*ck off by her too…Fair to say the Stars aren’t happy this morning #bbl.”
Watch the video to see the Queen B*tch Liz Hurley in actions. Oh and when I say “Queen B*tch” I say that with adoration, like “That b*tch is fierce, I’m jealous.”
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