Rihanna Shares Topless Party Photo

Nothing like waking up to a photo of Rihannas boobs…
At least that’s what she was thinking when she shared a topless shot of herself in bed in the hours before dusk on Thursday. The photo was her first shot post-Hollywood Halloween party and has us wondering who took it.
In the photo, RiRi poses without a top or bra or any form of cover for that matter other than her arms. Below her waist is covered by a white hotel bed sheet. The green veil is still perched above her sleepy face as remnants of her costume from the night before.
The photo has over 177,000 likes on it in the under 24 hours since it’s been posted.
“The morning after! Hello November,” Rihanna posted along with the Instagram shot at 4:04 in the afternoon. (In her defense she probably went to bed at about 9:00 a.m. that same day.)
But it wasn’t for another whole hour before the “Where Have You Been” singer actually got out of bed tweeting, “time to get my ass up!!”
And it’s not the fact that she’s topless in the shot that concerns us. (After all, it’s not anything we haven’t seen anyway.) The interesting part is actually what is hidden from the frame—namely the companion who took the shot whose name probably rhymes with Swiss Frown…
Granted, other than our perverted imaginations, we have absolutely no proof that Chris Brown actually took the photo.
But keep in mind Rihanna and Brown were spotted cozying up together at her Halloween bash in the form of lap dances.
“Rihanna was all over Chris Brown all night giving him amazing and dirty lap dances," a source in the party previously told

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