Robert Pattinson Says Relationship With Kristen Stewart Isn’t Official

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it might not officially be a duck.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, despite spending all their time together and looking like a couple, Rob insists that Kristen is still trying to regain his trust and that they aren’t necessarily an official couple yet.
“Rob and Kristen are spending all of their time together, she’s been staying at his house every night. But in Rob’s eyes that doesn’t mean that they’re official yet,” a source close to the couple told Heat magazine.
Ohhh twenty-something hipsters, always afraid to make things official.

According to the source, they are madly in love, Rob reportedly can’t function without Kristen, and they spend all their time together, but Rob isn’t sure they are “Facebook Official” again.
“They love each other so much and will always have this connection, but it’s very complicated. It’s been hard and ever since Kristen cheated. She’s done everything she can to keep Rob, but they haven’t truly gone back to normal yet,” adds the source.
If spending all their time together ISN’T normal, I don’t even want to know what NORMAL is? Marriage? **immediately shakes thought**
Part of the reason he’s hesitant to call her his “girlfriend” again is because his family STILL doesn’t like Kristen.

“Rob’s family, in particular his sisters, still seem to think he’s too young to be tied down, especially to someone who was unfaithful to him.”
So, we’re saying there’s a chance they might break up and we wouldn’t exactly be lying if we said we'd be happy about it.
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