Kim K and Kanye West Shop For Baby Clothes In Paris

Kanye West looks so bored during this shopping trip for baby clothes with Kim Kardashian.
Or maybe it’s anger? Fashion anger? Because he hates Kim K’s outfit? Because his baby momma is wearing black track pants, with a black lace negligee and a sheer cardigan?
Anyways, this so-called fashionable duo (Kim is not giving it to us today, sorry) stopped by luxury baby clothing store Bonpoint in Paris.
 They need to make sure their baby is très chic, because the kid is reportedly coming into the world in Paris, because Paris is Kanye’s second home. Speaking of, this is a very rare occasion to actually SEE the couple together. Kim and Kanye have rarely been spotted together since she announced her pregnancy. We’re sure ditching your girl for France is NOT in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

The last time they were spotted together was at the premiere of Kim's movie Temptation (she had a cameo, let's not get carried away) about two weeks ago.
Since Kim has been getting a lot of flak for her skintight duds lately, at least she’s wearing something more “maternity friendly” now, but really Kim? Are those track pants? With heels? Yikes.
The couple were spotted zipping around the city in a black Porsche, or as a source said, “She might be pregnant and preparing to settle down, but she was determined to act like a sporty girl-about-town
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