Paula Patton Reveals Bedroom Secrets With Robin Thicke

Hey Paula Patton, how do you and Robin Thicke keep your marriage alive?
“Lots of sex,”
And this is why we love Paula Patton. Nothing is off-limits. Apparently they aren’t worried about keeping their bedroom antics sacred.
Paula says the key to keeping her marriage red hot is simple. Eliminate the drama and be honest.
“I’m too honest, that solves all arguments, men are really simple,” Paula tells us at the Disconnect Press Junket, “Talk to your girlfriends about your problems. Honestly, just tell it to them once and if you want to talk about it a lot call someone else. It keeps the relationship perfect.”
So, don’t complain about your busted mani-pedi to your husband if you want to save your relationship. Also, sex. Have lots of it.

Paula’s bottom line?
“Don’t expect too much, you know what I mean, [your man] can’t be your girlfriend and your man at the same time,” she reveals.
You know what’s really funny? We talked to Robin over a year ago and when we asked him about his relationship and how he maintains a busy career and a hot marriage, he said:
“[Have] lots of sex.”
Wow, these two are perfect for each other.
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