Rihanna Goes To Walmart Like A Regular Person

Stars, they are just like you.
Clearly taking a page from Britney Spears’ playbook, Rihanna was spotted at a Walmart in the city of Kamloops, British Columbia over the weekend just shopping for soda like a regular basic person.
First of all, names of cities in Canada sound like kid’s cereal; secondly, for those of you who don’t understand maps, Rihanna was in the “left side” of Canada above Washington state.
Rihanna, wearing a backwards hat, headphones, sunglasses, and an oversized white jacket tried to make it through the bargain store unnoticed while she bought a soda and made a donation to the McHappy day charity.
A fan on Twitter spotted RiRi and posted this photo. The fan was actually hoping to see Rihanna’s tourmate A$AP Rocky.
The girl wrote, “Rihanna was at Kamloops Walmart I thought it was A$AP but Rihanna is pretty cool too.”
She later wrote her true feelings about RiRi, “I didn’t really like that h*e anyways.”
Alright, girl, calm down.
The moral of this story is…Rihanna is just as ratchet as you are. Walmart for DAYYYYZZZ.
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