Extreme Home Makeover: Royal Security Edition

Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting an ultra-famous baby in a few short months and normal security just won’t do for the future Prince or Princess of England.
Will and Kate are expecting to move into Sandringham Estate shortly after it’s finished getting renovated, but it’s not just getting a new paint job and some crown molding, the place is getting ironclad security, Fort Knox-style.
They are turning one of the many cottages on the property into a place to house police equipment, whatever that means.
They are covering their patio in a pergola, so they can sit outside without anyone looking at them.

They are also planting trees and shrubs along the driveway, in case the walls and the pergola and the police aren’t enough, the shrubbery will add an additional layer of foliage protection.
There is a church on the property, which is usually open to the public and it will remain public, but churchgoers will have to drive out of their way to access it. But because the royals feel like they are putting everyone out by driving out of their way to get to church, they are paying for a new parking lot.
This palatial country estate is just two miles from the Queen’s home.
Mind you, the royal couple will only live here part-time. They also live in a cottage on the grounds of Kensington Palace in West London and they also have an apartment inside the palace itself.
When they move into the “apartment” which really isn’t an apartment, because it has five bedrooms and three living rooms, Prince Harry will move into the cottage.

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