Amanda Bynes’ Bizarre Birthday Behavior

In honor of Amanda Bynes’ 27th, she is walking around New York by herself dressed like she’s headed to bed.
We actually feel kind of bad for her. She’s all alone. She’s wearing the same exact outfit she wore on Monday. She’s wearing Adidas flip-flops, like the kind you wear when you’re getting out of the pool and black sweats with a giant furry coat. It's just so bizarre. Bizarre birthday behavior.
Also, when Amanda stepped out on Monday she debuted new red hair, but then adamantly denied that the girl in the photos was her.
She tweeted, “My hair is blonde, I’ve never been a redhead! Somebody keeps posing as me!”
OMG Amanda Bynes is so legit crazy right now. She doesn't even remember dying her hair red or going outside.
When Amanda did her NYC Times Square stroll, she also stopped inside a liquor store and browsed the pipes, but she wore a short brown wig OVER her long red hair.

An onlooker said, “She looked like a homeless person…she looked a hot mess. She was crossing into traffic, wasn’t waiting for any of the lights to change and a cab almost hit her twice.”
Another stop on Amanda’s birthday itinerary was a visit to a Wells Fargo, where she held her phone to her face while covering her mouth in horror.
So far, she has not updated her Twitter account, so we have no idea how she feels about turning 27, but we’re going to guess her birthday wish involves Drake and inspirational tweets.
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