The Top 10 Largest Cities in the World (10 pics)

City:Karachi, Country: Pakistan It was the first capital of is reknown in the world biggest has it own sea is also know as city of lights.
It is acapital of Philipines.It is located at Manila Bay.This is a world beautiful city .There are lot of people fron the world visit this city every day.
New York, one of the most popular and reknown city in wold.It is a very famouse city in the wor also you can say this is a very bussiest city.This is the best palace to visit.There a numbers of builidings in this city which is meeting with sky.
It is a capital city of india (Dehli).It also a place where lot of people visit.
Mexico City – 23,500,000
One of the largest city of south Korea.
akarta – 25,800,000
Jakarta – 25,800,000
Shangai the city of china.
Tokyo – 34,600,000

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